Do you like animals? Do you want to have one? It seems to be quite easy, but this seeming pereption is wrong. Each animal needs dedicated permanent attention and care. Your animal must also fit into your way of life with its temper and character. It is not right to purchase a pet with the “only-for-several-weeks” mindset. To avoid some problems look through the information on our site.


Here you can read 101 questions and answers about animals. There you can get to know the complete information about some kinds of animals, their traits, habits, and tempers. After reading you will understand whether this animal can be your pet. But remember other people! If you live with somebody else, you will have to discuss in detail their opinion about animals and get to know what kind of animals they prefer. It will be wrong if you buy a lovely puppy and your mother has an allergic reaction to its fur or your partner hates dogs. Every animal deserves to be happy in its home and you are responsible for this.


You can read articles or familiarize yourself with the FAQs. Join our association of animal lovers, read the information, write letters to us, and talk to each other! The first-hand experience is the best experience, so you can help somebody by sharing it with him/her.


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